Thank you for sending the door opener through to Tauranga. I have fitted the opener to my roller door and it works really well. I must say how much easier it was to install and program than the 2 other ones I tried before your one. The opener you supplied is by far a superior product ,and when it operates the door it works effortlessly and also has a fantastic soft start and stop mechanism. What a relief to find a product that does what it should do - and first time around! Thank you so much!

P Chatterley

I'd like to say thank you in appreciation of the excellent service you gave me following my problem with my garage door. Your efforts in obtaining a replacement motor and the wonderful instruction you gave me over several phone calls to get the door operating correctly were greatly appreciated. It is not often that service such as you provided is experienced these days, and I want you to know just what a joy it was to be on the receiving end of quality service.

A Johnson